Do you have errors in your credit report that may have lowered your FICO score? Have you tried to get an apartment and been turned down? Advanced Credit Repair is here to assist you. We charge affordable and reasonable fees, while providing the highest quality of service in working to identify the best credit repair solutions for our client’s specific needs.
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What exactly IS a “good” credit score?
Do you know that when you apply for credit or a mortgage and your application is rejected you have the right to find out and correct the reasons for that rejection? One key area that is looked at is credit history and your credit rating which is also known as "FICO" or Fair Isaac Corporation, a California based company that has created a specific numeric system to define individual credit scores, scores that are monitored and utilized by the “BIG” three major credit bureaus, Experian, Trans Union and Equifax.

If this has happened to you, let Advanced Credit Repair, LLC assist you in determining what may be problematic in your credit report that may have damaged your ability to get credit and lowered you overall FICO score.